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Jurecz Istvan


I was born in 1969, Miskolc/Hungary. In 1985 I started with shito ryu karate which I was doing for two years. In 1987 I was on my first jûjutsu training because of the recommendation of my friend. I participate my first training camp in 1989 on Martely, and here was my first belt exam to yellow belt (5.kyu) in front of Shihan Istvan Kelemen.
In these times we had hard trainings in a gym of an elementary school in Miskolc. Thanks for this, I took a succesfully exam to 1.kyu at the european branch director of IMAF (International Martial Arts Federation) - Kurt Schoffman.
In 2005 I met shihan Jun Osano in a training camp in Miskolc, and he invited me to his seminar in Japan, where I got the 1. dan in 2006. The traditional japanese martial art became a part of my life – not just unarmed, but armed too.
Shihan Jun Osano & Istvan JureczMy 3. dan examination was in Berlin in summer of 2009 in front of Shihan Jun Osano. Also thats where I got my shihan title. In this september I opened my own dojo, and next june my first students took succesfully belt exam. Two months later a seminar in Fehergyarmat with grandmaster Jun Osano, I got my 2.dan from Iaijutsu – so I can teach the art of samurai sword too, not just the jutsu techniques.
My next milestone on this hard, but very joyful journey was in 2013, when we organised the 1. international training camp in Budapest/Hungary, where one of my students took the 1.dan exam and I did 4.dan.
On july of 2014 was the usual international seminar in Kronach, where I participated with my four students and I succesfully taken a 3. dan exam from Iaido.
In july of 2016 we got the opportunity that organise the international seminar in Budapest again. At this time my student, Tibor Konig took a succesfully exam from Iai Jutsu to 1.dan, and me to Nihon Jujutsu 5.dan in front of our Japanese Grand Master.
End of july 2017 we participated in a seminar in Japan, where our grandmaster shihan Jun Osano gave me 2 makimonos from the 3 optainable, acknowleding my high level of Nihon Jujutsu.
In summer of 2018 shihan Jun Osano visited to Hungary again and took Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu seminar. At the closing ceremony he gave me Iaijutsu menkyo kaiden certifying that I learned all his 7 ryu (schools) from Iaijutsu too.
In December at the same year I got 2 more diploms: Iaijutsu 4.dan and Kobudo 3.dan.
At the summer seminar which took place in Budapest again shihan Jun Osano gave me Nihon Jujutsu 6.dan and one more makimono - this time from Tanbo.
During these long years with the leadings of great masters, spending time with hard trainings and psychical preparation, made it part of my life the traditional japanese martial art and result of all of these is that I’m a martial artist and not just in training gym, but in the life too.



Nihon Jujutsu 6.dan

Istvan Jurecz 4.dan Nihon Jujutsu


Istvan Jurecz 3.dan Iaijutsu

Istvan Jurecz Ju Jutsu Shihan


3 Makimono


Tanbo makimono