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- On second of June 2018 we had a successfull belt exam. For the list of names please click here, for the pictures to here:



- We organized the international summer seminar in Budapest, where Imre Bereczki and Janos Horvath got their 1. dan diplomas from Nihon Jujutsu, and Tibor Konig got his 2. dan diploma from Iaijutsu.
Congratulations to them. For the pictures, please click here:



- On 09 December we took a belt exam in our Dojo. Everybody succuessfully made it. Click here for the gallery:



- We visited to Japan between 23 of June and 03 of July 2017, where we can trained with grandmaster Jun Osano throughout 2 weekends.
The pictures from the seminars is in the gallery or click here directly.



- On 07-08 of January 2017 our 2 students - Gabor Mozes and Istvan Sallai gave their 1. dan diplomas in Prague from shihan Jun Osano in the international winter seminar.
Congratulations to them!


- On 14th of January 2016 we had our first children exam. 2 little guy, and 1 little girl has taken successfully exam. Pictures soon.

children exam

- We participated on the ISBA seminar in Berlin, on 8-9 of August, with Grandmaster Jun Osano. Pictures here.



- 17 of May 2015 - We took the Budapest Dojo first own belt exam. At this time took a succesfull Nihon Ju Jutsu exam: Zoltan Farkas 5. kyu, Janos Horvath 3. kyu, Tibor Tumpek 2. kyu, Imre Bereczki 2. kyu, Gabor Mozes 1. kyu and Tibor Konig took a successfull Kobudo - Kenjutsu pre-exam. Congratulations all of them. (pictures)


- 26-27 of July 2014 - International Seminar with shihan Jun Osano in Kronbach/Germany (pictures)